Opt for our Offshore Software Development Center to expand development bandwidth

Manage your operating costs efficiently, utilize your resources diligently and derive superior business value by switching to Adept’s very own OSDC

Adept OSDC Center Of Excellence

Our proven Offshore software development center provides you with all the key ingredients to run your business at a high margin with best resources. Adept’s OSDC provides a 24 x 7 work cycle which can help you to shorten your time to market. We have the required resources to develop products, automate tasks, streamline processes and perform quality checks. Our depth of technical expertise and reliable delivery model will help you to maximize business value.

Offshore Software Development Center At Adept

Shorter Timeframe

With our expertise, you can hit the market sooner.

Economies of Scale

Save on cost offshoring your product development needs.

Dedicated teams

Tailored teams to develop your product needs.

Knowledge Retention

Excellence centers that drive long-term value to our clients through knowledge retention.

On Time

Count on us to deliver the product with top-notch quality on time.

Extensive Product Development Experience

: Adept has extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge in engineering and delivering solutions spanning across various industry domain such as:


Banking Financial

Transport & Hospitality

Retail & e-Commerce

HealthCare Pharma


Media Publicity

Higher Education

Our Product Development Approach

The very first stage is research and discovery to assess the product requirement and create a roadmap to reach the end goal. This is the foundation stage and requires time depending on the complexity of the requirement.
The phase revolves around setting up initiation tasks like setting up environment, processes, collaborating model and governance.
This phase deals with the complete development of the product in an iterative model. At the end of each sprint, evaluation is done to track progress.
After the delivery of the product, continuous maintenance and upgrades are done to increase relevance of the product

Adept’s Engineering & Agile Practices

  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Integration
  • Automation Testing
  • Sprint & Scrum
  • Transparent communications
  • Continuous Integration
  • Transparent communications
  • Continuous Integration

Technologies We Leverage

We leverage cutting-edge frameworks, tools and databases to build enriching web applications that deliver maximum digital delight. .

Frontend Frameworks

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Boosttrap
  • JQuery
  • angular js
  • react

Serverside Frameworks

  • asp-net
  • mvc
  • aspnet core
  • nodejs

Data Visualization

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Visualization

Cloud & DevOps

  • web-service
  • webapi
  • restapi
  • aws
  • google-cloud
  • docker
  • kubernetes

BackEnd Tehnologies

  • BackEnd Tehnologies
  • BackEnd Tehnologies


  • Mobility
  • Mobility

Our Work



We offer a comprehensive range of cutting edge tech solution and Softwares that enable efficient end-to-end management of processes and business transformation.


We have "end to end" banking solution for auto loans. Credit Card Processing, Account Opening and many more…


We provide personalized solutions to our partners with New age technologies which allows them their customer in a better way.

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