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Document Management System

Document Management System (DMS) is developed to streamline the document activities while it is passing through various stages till final POD (Proof of Delivery/Courier) stage. 5 different types of transactions are handled in this – New, Renew, Endorsement, Rollover and Portable.

Steps included under this newly developed system are:

  • Branch Entry – At branch level, Entry of form details and uploading of documents
  • Inward – At PPC level, Inwarding of form by entering inward number and payment id
  • Proposal – At PPC level, Proposal is created of form by entering proposal number
  • Quality Check (QC) – At PPC level, QC of form is done to check the entered values
  • Tagging – At PPC level, Tagging of form is done by entering policy number
  • POD - At branch level, POD number and dispatch date are entered
System to handle complete back Office Activities
  • Employee Creation & Approval
  • Customer Creation & Approval
  • Attendance
  • Invoice
  • Salary
  • Advance
  • Expense
  • Tender Management
  • Vendor Management
  • MIS Reports : There are various MIS reports which is useful for company , some of them are below :
    • Branch wise profitability report
    • Customer wise profitability report
    • Customer group wise profitability report
    • Deficiency report
    • Unmapped employee report
    • Missing various compliance reports
    • Expiry of various compliance reports
    • Customer salary report
    • Customer billing report
    • Advance report
    • Employee mapping report
    • Office wise expense reports
    • Office wise billing reports