Our Methodology

We differ from other service providers in our approach to client services:

  1. A better understanding of clients' requirements
  2. Sharing ideas, suggestions and better work practices with clients
  3. Risk assessment of operations rendered by us to clients
  4. Exercising adequate controls over processes to highlight performance
  5. Ownership of processes to assure our commitments to the clients
  6. Firming our relationship through formal performance agreements

Our Operating Mechanism Takes over

  1. We offer our service with the intention of minimising client's involvement in non-core activities by the use of these techniques:
  2. Create a pool of talented people to tide over crisis
  3. Use statistical tools to control process flow
  4. Suggest ways to efficiently process work
  5. Provide effective communication to all concerned over performance
  6. Review progress over appropriate intervals of time
  7. Compliance with legal and organisational requirements

Progress initiatives

  1. Our periodic progress reviews have created marked difference in providing quality services.
  2. Efficient services have been made possible by way of:
  3. Real time cost benefit analysis giving rise to continuous process improvements / rationalisation as well as effective resource mobilisation / utilisation to achieve the economy of cost reduction.
  4. Timely presentation of information to the clients on performance
  5. Working with the clients from the initial stage of process
  6. Providing a centralised solution for the entire process
  7. Complying with all the requirements for efficient processing

Our Approach

  1. Define : Project Management Objective & Scope .
  2. Measure: Existing Process & Performance Measurement .
  3. Analyze : Analyzing the Data & Finding Root Cause .
  4. Improve : Find out the Proper Solution & Implementation.
  5. Monitor: The Solution Results & Further Improve.


  1. Project Identification
  2. Project Prioritization
  3. Project Charter
  4. Voice of Customer
  5. Voice of Business
  6. POC
  7. Existing Business Process
  8. Value Stream Mapping
  9. Customer Requirement


  1. Identifying Key Inputs
  2. Process & Output Matrix
  3. Developing Operation Definition
  4. Developing Data Collection Plan
  5. Validation of Measurement System
  6. Collection Baseline Data
  7. Validate Business Opportunity


  1. Propose Critical Factors
  2. Prioritize critical Factors
  3. Conduct Root Cause Analysis of critical Factors
  4. Validate Critical Factors
  5. Estimation of Impact of each Critical Factors to result
  6. Quantify the opportunity


  1. Developing Solution
  2. Developing Evolution Criteria and Selection of Best Solution.
  3. Solution Risk Analysis
  4. Optimize Solution
  5. Develop Process Map
  6. High Implementation Plan
  7. Pilot Plan & Solution


  1. Develop Process Control System
  2. Training Plan
  3. Implementation Process
  4. Changes & Control Monitor & Stabilize The Process
  5. Transition Project to Process
  6. Identify Project Replication opportunity
  7. Calculate Financial Benefit

Why Adept

Reliability has been our hallmark and increasing clientele will vouch for it

  1. A professional approach to every job opportunity
  2. A well experienced team of people yearning for innovation
  3. Strong presence close to clients' places of operations
  4. Willingness & capability to adapt to new technologies
  5. Assuming a more caring and mature role in operations
  6. Value adders' more than mere business processors
  7. Enabling clients to maximise their profits