When you are ready to implement a records management solution, the ADEPT team will come to your office, pack your records into ADEPT's cartons and transport them to the Management Center. You, and whichever employees at your company you designate, will have immediate access by calling, faxing or making an online request. The records will be transported back to your office and delivered as-needed

The business records environment is growing exponentially with millions of new paper documents and electronic records being created every day - all of which must be managed with the following in mind:

  1. Compliance expertise: Income Tax Act, Companies Act , RBI regulations, Right to Information Act.
  2. Assurance to clients and partners that you'll safeguard their information
  3. Reduced storage requirements and costs with consistent best practices
  4. A dedicated implementation team to assist you during the solution lifecycle
  5. Protects you with strict security practices and an unbroken chain-of-custody
  6. Off-site services for destruction of old document as per the approved destruction list by the customer
  7. Certificate of destruction, providing you a legal audit trail

Making your information work for you

  1. Take control of your records
  2. Manage your electronic records more efficiently
  3. Reduce overheads
  4. Ensure regulatory compliance
  5. Reduce the risk of litigation
  6. Leaving it to the experts

Records Storage Services

Whether the records are cartons, files, documents, CDs, disks or any other type of electronic media, each record will immediately be assigned an individual bar code and labeled with a bar code sticker. The bar code sticker is scanned every time it is removed from its permanent storage location: when it departs ADEPT's Management Center, when it is delivered to the client's office and during every step of the process when it is returned back to storage. The bar code remains with the record from the moment it's first placed into storage, through every retrieval and if applicable, through eventual destruction.

Records retreival services

Since the record has been cataloged and indexed with the relevant information, access is quick and easy. You can access records in a number of different ways, by calling our Warehouse, sending an email, making an online request or sending a fax. Whichever method you choose, our employee will transport the record and deliver it directly to your office. You can even pre-arrange the delivery service to meet your needs, in case it is needed the same-day, in the evening or during the weekend. When you are finished with the records, simply contact us to pick it up and transport it back to the Warehouse.

Document Destruction

Every document has a lifecycle, from origination to active to inactive to deep storage to eventual destruction. Destruction of business information is usually mandated by an industry regulation or local law. With the influx of regulatory requirements in the last few years, staying informed of new regulations and developing a retention and destruction schedule is critical. In some cases, retaining documents may even increase your personal and business liability. Many businesses rely on professional records management companies to assist them with their retention schedules and overall records management policies. For records that are being stored at our facility, We us e our automated bar coding system, to alert clients when a record is approaching the end of its lifecycle. It sends an automatic reminder that it is time to destroy obsolete records. We await for further instructions from the client. At that point, the client will authorize us in writing to implement the destruction or hold the documents in storage until further notice. Some business information accelerates through the business lifecycle, skipping the deep storage and going straight from the "active" stage to the "destruction" stage.

There are several methods for destruction including recycling, shredding or burning of hard copies, disks and microfilm, and electronic data. Regardless of the method, all destructions will be documented with a "Certificate of Destruction" to help clients provide substantiation and adhere to their regulatory requirements.