We do the processing of forms for various industry segments such as Telecom,Insurance,Banks etc. We scan Standard Forms (ICR Enabled), Non Standard or Fixed Forms (Non ICR) , Do the Data Extraction on the required fields. We also design/redesign forms for our customers for ICR enabled forms

Banking Industry

Banks and other NBFC's use forms to collect the details of their customers.The most common are application forms for

  1. Account Application Forms
  2. Loan Application Forms
  3. Mortgage Forms
  4. Credit Card Application

The Common Issue faced during the data extraction is that these forms mostly are non standard forms Forms are processed the fields are mapped and the data is extracted, purified and delivered as per the requirement of the customer along with the images for his DMS.

Insurance Industry

The insurance Companies use forms for the proposal and for their confidential reports for the life and general category policies. These forms are usually non standard forms more suited for manual data entry systems. We also do the processing of the forms and map the fields and do the data extraction

Telecom Sector

The Customer Application form is the key document along with the proof of ID and Address The data from the forms are extracted and the documents are saved with all the annexures in a searchable format The Digital Documents are uploaded to the customers central DMS server

General Sector

There are various organisation which use forms for collecting information such as: HR Application Forms. Common Entrance Exams Application form. Exam Answer Sheets (OMR Form). College Application Forms. Data Conversion from Digital Image to an editable form (Library Books, Printed Documents etc.

Form Design

We also do the designing of ICR enabled forms be it single page or multipage in structure The advantages of these forms are the need for manual data entry is greatly reduced. These forms are also very easy to fill up.

Other Services

PDC Management Services

Banking & NBFC companies find it hard to keep track of the ever increasing volumes of cheques being received from customers and on the other coping with the pressure of meeting sales targets and keeping competition down. Invariably, companies start loosing control over efficient back office management. The primary concern being efficient tracking, secure storage, accurate retrieval and timely presentation of these cheques. This complex nature of work associated with the validation, storage and presentation associated with Post dated Cheques (PDC) becomes a tedious exercise, besides being a huge drain on companies' resources. Lack of expertise and systematic approach renders the system ineffective, costly and inconsistent. Manage the complete life cycle of post dated cheques with Adept's solutions:

  1. Inward receipt of cheques
  2. Data capturing and validation of key cheque details to enable quick and accurate pulling of cheques for presentation to multiple locations t
  3. Effectively manage secure storage and safe custody of PDCs in a suitable storage environment
  4. Retrieval, processing and receipting of Cheques
  5. Batch preparation of cheques for distribution to multiple locations for timely Deposits.
  6. Batch preparation of cheques for distribution to multiple locations for timely Deposits.
  7. Presenting cheques to banks
  8. Accounting for bounced cheques