Fixed deposit processing We provide an end-to-end fixed deposit backoffice solution

  1. Acceptance and renewals of deposits
  2. Fixed Deposit Receipt issue and handling
  3. Managing loans and payments against deposits
  4. Generation of interest warrants, and tax documents
  5. Tax deductions and tax documents
  6. Change of address
  7. Correspondence with customers

Account opening for savings accounts,

  1. Application Forms processing (Scanning & Data Extraction)
  2. Application processing ("know your customer" norms)
  3. PIN generation
  4. ATM card generation
  5. Exception processing (ATM cards, Cheque returns)
  6. Process MIS
  7. Loans and credit

Mortgage Loans

  1. Application processing
  2. Documentation
  3. Pre-disbursement set-up
  4. Foreclosures
  5. Escrow management services
  6. Investor account services
  7. Exception transactions

Auto and Vehicle Loans - we provide an "end to end" process solution for auto loans.

  1. Contract configuration
  2. Data entry of vehicle particulars
  3. Maintenance of contract accounts
  4. Payment of insurance premium and entry of policy details
  5. Documentation for repossession
  6. Loan closure documentation (e.g. extinguishing lien)

Credit Card processing

  1. Application processing
  2. Generation of PIN mailer and card
  3. Payment processing
  4. Account maintenance
  5. Hot listing
  6. Statement & collaterals
  7. Exception processing

Consumer Loans

  1. Origination
  2. Loan set-up
  3. Rate change processing
  4. Overdue payment processing